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Winter 2018

The quarterly 27587 MAGAZINE is a must-read, in-you-hands publication that strives to give a deeper identity to rapidly growing Wake Forest, N.C. It highlights in-depth stories, targeting higher-income households.

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Wake Forest 27587 Magazine | Winter 2018 31 James "Jim" Eden, for one, secured his — TOLL-GUY — a half-dozen years ago, a plate that now resides on his all-electric Tesla, the trend-setting vehicle that has a range of 300 miles and goes from 0-60 mpg in 3.2 seconds. "I learn about technology by using it," he said. As for TOLL-GUY, that's easy, as in E-Z Pass. Eden, it turns out, is a founding mem- ber of toll interoperability, or EZ-Pass, and instrumental in its rollout. "We were looking for an answer to move traffic," he said of the early days when it was first initiated on the New York ruway. "We didn't think it would catch on," he said. But it did, so much so that traffic backed up at the cash lanes as the first EZ-Pass pioneers took to the cashless lanes. "We thought we were all going to be fired." e rest, as they say, is history. A decade ago, Eden came to North Caro- lina — Wake Forest in particular — to be- come the chief operating officer for the N.C. Turnpike Authority. He subsequently devel- oped the "system architectural" for Interstate 540. "All the electronic stuff," he said. en there's Tammy Holt, whose vanity plate comes with a personal story, as so many do. e tag on her green Mini Cooper Coun- tryman reads TATAMINI, based on a child's bestowing of a nickname. "Tata is my best friend's daughter's nick- name for me," said Holt, who lives on the outskirts of Wake Forest. "When she was a toddler, she couldn't pronounce my name and started calling me Tata. Now it's what her family and friends still call me." Sandra White's is another. Her TONYS- MOM tag harkens back to her days taking her young son to Pop Warner football games. "Nobody knew my name. I was Tony's mom," said White, who lives in North Raleigh. en she spotted another plate, BRADS- DAD. e inspiration came. TONYSMOM was born. at boy, Tony Barney, she said, is now a grown man of 41. "I had it since he was 9," she said, "and he now has a 2-year- old, and I'm ecstatic." Evan Moncada's tag has made for some double-takes. Her EATPIE plate has an interesting juxtaposition, ever so close to a sticker reading "26.2," for the miles she ran in the Rock 'N' Roll Marathon in New Orleans. She and her husband, Devin, a PhD can- didate at Southeastern Baptist eological Seminary, hail from Louisiana. "No one does personal license plates there," she said. "We got here, and about 50 percent do." And they brought with them an appreciation of humor. "We wanted to do something that would make people laugh at stop lights," she said. e rearview mirrors, it turns out, provided proof EATPIE worked. "We do see people laughing out loud and taking pictures with their phones." But Moncada, who is now pregnant with a son, Ira Parks Moncada, has an admission. "I am a baker," she said of her regular job at Sweet Traditions in Wake Forest. e bike rack on the rear of her Hyundai, meanwhile, delivers a message too. "We try to balance eating pie with physical activity." Even the seminary has gotten into the act, with a "company car" — a Chevy Malibu — sporting the tag IAMGOING, an official slogan reflecting its call to mission. It is used to ferry guest speakers from the airport to the campus' Binkley Chapel. But that's not all. "I went to the bank in that car!" said Tyler Daniel, the seminary's student account manager. Clockwise from left: Everyone knew Sandra White as TONYSMOM, hence its place of prominence on the rear of her Toyota. James Eden's license-plate tag, TOLL-GUY, is the product of his role in bringing EZ-Pass to the world. TATAMINI came into being because of a toddler's inability to pronounce Tammy Holt's name and, of course, her love of her Mini Cooper. The Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary's "company car" sports a tag reflecting the school's call to mission. PHOTOGRAPHS BY PHILIP M. READ COURTESY OF TAMMY HOLT

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