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Wake Forest 27587 Magazine | Summer 2017 17 many years of it, in the shore town of Ven- ice, Calif, that coveted little stretch of Los Angeles known as the "Coney Island of the Pacific." "We were right on the beach, which was like a carnival," said Schacht, recalling that the couple would indulge in margaritas and nachos, watch the street performers, and marvel at their circumstances. "ey're all tourists and we live here!" she said. "We live where people go on vacation!" en, after more than two decades of living the California life, they left. Destina- tion: North Carolina, the environs of Wake Forest to be exact. "Look how green it is here," Schacht said of their new surroundings when they arrived in 2014. "ere, it's brown," Parolini, sporting a San Jose T-shirt, said of e Golden State. By one measure at least, Californians are staking a claim here on the 50th anniversary of "e Summer of Love," that season in 1967 when thousands of young people de- scended on San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury in what became viewed as the peak of the 1960s' counter-culture movement. Of the 557,000 new North Carolina voters who have lived here less than 5 years, some 31,000 hail from the place that took its name from Spanish conquistadors, after Califia, a mythical island paradise. at puts e Golden State at No. 5, after Florida (88,000), foreign countries (67,000), Ari- zona (41,000), and New York (38,000), ac- cording to an analysis from UNC-Chapel Hill's Carolina Population Center. Among those North Carolinians born out of state — roughly 50 percent — one-time New Yorkers easily top the list, at 6 percent of registered voters, but California is bring- ing up the rear as the most common western state for transplants, making up 1.7 percent of those voters. California, whose "golden state" reputa- tion extends to its real-estate values, has been an out-migration state since at least 1990. "If you don't own property now, you never will," said Joel Kotkin, a fellow in urban studies at Chapman University in Orange County, Calif., who writes about demo- graphic trends. at pushes people into the apartment lifestyle, with 20-somethings sharing an apartment with others to make the rent in such places as San Francisco. But the appeal can be short-lived. "When you're 35, it's not a great way to live. … People don't want to be rent serfs the rest of their lives." "We never could afford to buy our house back," Schacht said of the escalating value of the couple's old West Coast digs in northern California, the couple's final Golden State stomping ground before heading east. "e cost of living is outrageous," Parolini said. He'd get no argument from Shannon Mandina Nelson, who last year moved with her family to the Hasentree development in Wake Forest, after some two decades in Cali- fornia. "You can't retire there," she said. en there was the traffic. "It could take an hour Continued on Next Page ❱❱ PHOTOGRAPHS BY KATHRYNE RENDE Mary Ann Schacht, a New York native, starred in her husband's campy 1985 horror flick, "Igor and the Lunatics." "It was meant to be like "Friday the 13th," she said. "At the time, those movies were making lots of money. … It was awful, so awful." Billy Parolini, a screenwriter-turned budding novelist who also does gigs playing the piano (one of the tunes in his repertoire is — appropriately — The Eagles' "Hotel California"), is another among many artists who gave up the challenges of life in California for North Carolina. "This is not sustainable," he said of the West Coast's top-tier housing prices. "Is this another bubble that is going to explode?" COURTESY OF SHANNON NELSON Before departing California for Wake Forest last year, the Nelson clan, including daughter Lauren, right, and her best friend, Isabella, enjoyed a day as tourists in Hollywood.

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