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The quarterly 27587 MAGAZINE is a must-read, in-you-hands publication that strives to give a deeper identity to rapidly growing Wake Forest, N.C. It highlights in-depth stories, targeting higher-income households.

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Wake Forest 27587 Magazine | Summer 2019 15 COURTESY OF NANTUCKET By Philip M. Read I t was Aug. 17, 1969, when Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young sang "Wooden Ships" — a Vietnam War-era ode about a quest for survival in a post-apocalyptic world — before nearly a half-million on a dairy farm in Bethel, N.Y. ‹e event: the legendary Woodstock Music Festival. A decade later, Neil Young, perhaps realizing that they — and the music — in fact did survive and more, chanted "rock and roll can never die" in his own 1979 release "My My, Hey Hey." It hasn't for Larry Uzzell, whose signature shirt tells all, reading "Nantucket," the band that once opened for Boston, Styz, and KISS and had the hit single "Heartbreaker," which sold more than 200,000 copies and broke into the Billboard charts in 1978. "I'm the lead singer," said Uzzell, the vocalist and trumpeter who when he's not still performing can be found selling shrimp, mahi-mahi, and the like at a roadside stand on a still rural stretch of Wake Forest. So here we are, on the 50th anniversary of the Summer of '69, the Woodstock Music Festival, and the time a bunch of Jacksonville, N.C., high-schoolers formed what became known as Nantucket. And — for many — it's all about the ™ip side of a musical life for a crowd that is still all hail, hail rock 'n' roll. "Has it been 50 years, damn," Uzzell said one sunny midday, his yellow "Fresh O› the Boat" banner positioned beneath a white tent from which he runs "Shrimp Mate," sell- ing fresh œsh these past few years to a growing contingent of seafood aœcionados. Making the connection, he invokes the name of the band's live album, recorded at ‹e Longbranch in Raleigh in 1991 and titled "Still Live After All ‹ese Years." "I don't feel 66. I certainly don't feel that old," said Uzzell, whose piercing blue eyes and ready smile belie his age. "I plan on living a pretty long while." Continued on Page 17 kk Above, the lead singer of Nantucket, Larry Uzzell, SRERI[WXEKIEXLMWJVIWL½WLXIRX7LVMQT1EXI at Burlington Mill and Ligon Mill roads in Wake Forest. ±8LMWMWQ]JSYVXL]IEV²LIWEMH±&IMRKWIQMVIXMVIH -KSXXMVIHWMXXMRKSRXLIGSYGL[EXGLMRK8:² Left, Uzzell, on stage during the height of the band's popularity. These days, reaching some of the notes GERFIEGLEPPIRKI±-X´WLEVHXSLMXXLEXLMKL²LIWEMH ±%PSXSJSYVWSRKWEVIMRXLIWXVEXSWTLIVILMKLWXYJJ² Cover Story

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