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Winter 2019

The quarterly 27587 MAGAZINE is a must-read, in-you-hands publication that strives to give a deeper identity to rapidly growing Wake Forest, N.C. It highlights in-depth stories, targeting higher-income households.

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42 Winter 2019 | Wake Forest 27587 Magazine PHOTOGRAPHS BY PHILIP M. READ Kimberly McKinney of Henderson, a real-estate agent, pulled off something of a coup for her tag, NC RELTOR. "I just took the 'A' out," she said of her search for a letter combination no one had yet taken. Stuart Shless, left, is a volunteer with Saving Grace, a dog rescue in Wake Forest, hence the message in his tag, K9 VLNTR. "I'm really against animals in captivity," said Norris, a vegan and self-confessed ani- mal advocate in Wake Forest. "ey keep animals in concrete boxes, cages. It's just a horrible life for them." Kimberly McKinney's is perhaps even more obvious, NCRELTOR. She, like so many others, opted to CHOOSE8 digits, find just the right combination available and that still managed to communicate the mes- sage, and fork over an extra $30 on top of the standard renewal fee for the privilege. "I couldn't believe it was actually available with so many Realtors in the Raleigh area, in North Carolina," said McKinney, who lives in Henderson and works out of the RE/ MAX Reliance office in Youngsville. Stuart Shless' wife, Cathy, came up with his tag, K9 VLNTR, a testament to his vol- unteer work with the dog-rescue non-profit Saving Grace in Wake Forest. e soft spot for canines goes back to the retiree's days running a scrap-metal business in Chicago (where his tags read I BUY CANS.) "I'd always find strays and bring them home," he said. Today, his charges include Jonathan, a 9-month-old foster up for adoption, and a "foster fail" (meaning he ended up adopting the canine) named Kylie, whose history in- cludes being wounded by bird shot in John- son County, he said. He knows his tag gets noticed. "ey'll be people giving me the thumbs up," he said. Some special tags, though, happen merely by chance. Tommy Gordon, a sales manager at Flow Mini of Raleigh, didn't CHOOSE8 on the state's online portal. Instead his, by coincidence, came with the numbers of his birthday, led off with the letters VPF. Before long, he engaged in his own brand- ing: VPF now stands for "very proud father." "I can't lose that tag or I'll lose my iden- tity," he said. Back at the Slade household, there was a bit of fate at work as well. Turns out the full MR PEANUT plate was already taken by someone in Elizabeth City, he said. But no matter. "PNUT is the way he (Uncle Antonio Gentile) spelled it on his drawing," he said. ose originals, returned by the Planters company to Mrs. Antonio Gentile after the early death of her by-then physician husband in 1939, are now at the Smithsonian in the nation's capital, a gift of the family. "My cousins and I kept asking, "What are we going to do with these things?'" Slade said.

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