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Winter 2019

The quarterly 27587 MAGAZINE is a must-read, in-you-hands publication that strives to give a deeper identity to rapidly growing Wake Forest, N.C. It highlights in-depth stories, targeting higher-income households.

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Wake Forest 27587 Magazine | Winter 2019 33 materials such as the works of Balzac and Chaucer available and sings while she stamps book slips. Later, she looks up background on "Professor" Harold Hill (Robert Preston) to assert he could not have graduated from the Gary, Ind., school in the year that he claimed because it didn't exist at that time. In what becomes a love story, he sings to her in the library as a pair of students peek out over the book "Romeo & Juliet," saying "the civilized world accepts as unforgivable sin, any talking out loud with any librarian such as Marian." LOVE STORY (1970) In this classic tear-jerker, Ryan O'Neal stars as a Harvard student who comes to Radcliffe College to use the library, where a student assistant played by Ali McGraw gives him a hard time for expecting privileges in her library. "You have your own library, preppie," she says. "Look, we're allowed to use e Radcliffe library," he retorts. "I am not talking legality, preppie. I'm talking ethics. I mean Harvard's got 5 million books, and Radcliffe's got a few lousy thousand." She demands that he take her out for coffee in return for her library services, and they take it from there. While working in the library, she wears big glasses and a sweater, making her appear much less glamorous than in the rest of the film. NO MAN OF HER OWN (1932) Clark Gable plays a big city con man who, after a deal goes sour in New York, goes to a small town in the country to lie low for a while. ere, he meets the local librarian, played by Carole Lombard. She is young and beautiful, he is a smooth-talking lady's man who tries to impress her with some truly awful pick-up lines. ("Do your eyes bother you? ey bother me.") e other (older) librarian, played by Lillian Harmer, encourages her to take a chance with him. is film is noted for the scene in which he ogles Lombard's legs while she stands on a ladder to reach a book on a high shelf. His scandalous stare created quite a controversy and prompted the founding of Hollywood's League of Decency. e film is also Continued on Next Page ❱❱

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