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The quarterly 27587 MAGAZINE is a must-read, in-you-hands publication that strives to give a deeper identity to rapidly growing Wake Forest, N.C. It highlights in-depth stories, targeting higher-income households.

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22 Winter 2019 | Wake Forest 27587 Magazine "The Grapes of Wrath," (for using the Lord's name in vain), even Harper Lee's "To Kill a Mockingbird" (for profanity and adult themes). Of course, libraries are more than the tactile experience of holding a novel. At Duke, it being an academic setting, the place is as much a mu- seum as a collection of stacks. Here, there are original letters from Alexander Hamilton, who as a founding father was the foremost champion of a strong centralized government and author of The Federalist Papers, a first edition of which can also be found here. There's Virginia Woolf's actual writing desk on display, and copies of John James Audubon's double-elephant folio of "The Birds of America," said to be valued at $2.5 million – each. There's even a room devoted to the history of medicine, complete with its own collection of military am- putation tools and glass eyeballs. To make things presentable, such artifacts — whether a collection of political buttons for Chairman Mao, the founding father of the Chinese Communist Party; or vintage texts — need to be "stabilized," in the case of Duke in a department headed up by Beth Doyle, the library's senior conservator. Mold. Tape. All pose challenges. "A collection that's been in somebody's basement," she said of some of the "finds" that end up here. "I don't ask. They just arrive." One such text, from 1537, is German physi- cian Johann Dryander's ground-breaking work "Anatomiae." "It's all about dissecting heads," said Henry Hebert, a conservator for special collections. For a livelier experience, there's "The Perk" in the Von der Heyden Pavilion, a glass-encased atrium abutting Duke's Perkins Library, itself wed to the Rubinstein Library. "This is, so I'm told, the highest grossing cof- fee shop in Durham," said Welborn, Duke's di- rector of communications. "It's sort of the Main Street of the library." Continued on Page 26 ❱❱ PHILIP M. READ Henry Hebert, a conservator at Duke libraries, holds a 1537 copy of "Anatomiae" by German physician Johann Dryander. "From the illustrations, it's all about dissecting heads," he said. The university's Aaron Welborn sized up the role of the library's conservation laboratory. "It's sort of the hospital for books," he said.

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